Thursday, June 10, 2010

My cinco

It's that super fun time again to post 5 things that have made you feel..





Or maybe just plain old happy..
My cinco

1. I LOVE and appreciate Matt not only telling me he wants to be part of the wedding decisions, but he shows me. How? We'll browse the aisles at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Target, Wal-Mart, etc., and he gives me his opinions. He'll tell me what he likes and dislikes. He's honest, and I love that! We sat side by side, each on our own laptops, looking up venues, invitations, and catering services :)

2. My birthday is coming up, and I'm going to Sea World!! Not sure what else is in store while we're in San Antonio... :)

3. Matt spoils me like none other. He says he ruins me for any other man. Last night, for example, he did the dishes, cooked dinner, washed THOSE dishes, cleaned the counters, and made s'mores. I offered and offered to help, but he said it was his last night of being able to spoil me since he had to go back to work today. He let me just sit and relax. How lovely.

4. I think we've set a date!! October 7th, 2011. With fall colors, red, orange, yellow and some brown. How exciting to have something to plan around!! Now we just need to decide on a venue and make sure they're available.

5. Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives available on Enough said. Oh, and Prince of Persia was awesome! :)

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Haev a great day!!!