Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday present

I'd like to share a few projects I made that were sent to a loved one for his birthday earlier this month!

Steggie was made with a pattern from One Yard Wonders - cute book! They have a bright photograph of each project listed. Plus, they supply patterns; however, this fella took me quite a while as I'd never made a doll/stuffed animal before, but luckily I had some help. I was told he slept with it the night he got it, which means... complete success.

Here's a closeup of Steggie.

I also included a hand made dinosaur birthday card, a sheet of dino stickers, and my first ever stencilled shirt.
The shirt is pretty simple, but hey, it was my first attempt, and I like it!

Here's the best part... photos of E, all the way from California, with the gifts!

And there ya have it. Even though this gift consisted of a couple crafts that *were* foreign to me, I am so glad I did them for this guy. Happy birthday, sobrino. Your Tia Sarah all the way from Texas loves you, even if she can't see you as often as she'd like!


  1. You are SO creative! Love it!

  2. so cute! Im using your Top 2 idea this week for books and linking it back to you! Just wanted to let you know :)


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