Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Call for help

I'm asking all lovely ladies (and men, if they are up for it!) for help.

If anyone has any tips, tricks, opinions, advice, etc. about planning a wedding, I would MORE than love to hear your thoughts and what not!

Here are some basic things to know.
We plan on getting married in Fredericksburg, TX. Outside ceremony, inside reception. Not sure how many guests, probably between 100-150. Red and black colors. Probably in late September of 2011 since it gives us time to save and plan. Not sure about flowers, what's in season then? I'm having a cookie bar as I love to bake. Using the same flowers that go down the aisle as part of our centerpieces.I have a "pear-shaped" body so I need to look up dresses. A place in Dallas was recommended. We haven't set a budget... but we'd like to save as much $$ as possible!!

Thanks for reading! Have a great one.


  1. I suggest you try and for ideas! there is also a bride community called where you blog about your wedding and recieve feedback from other brides! Good luck wedding planning, it's a blast!

  2. While I also found helpful hints on the knot, I would avoid the forums! Lots of nasty comments, and people very hung up on "The perfect" Martha Stewart wedding ie, bank busting weddings! My advice is set a budget before you do anything! It will give you some parameters and help narrow down options for you! I blogged all about my wedding, too! Here;'s the cookie info:

  3. look around in dallas, austin, houston, etc for 'sample sales'. find a designer you really like & do some research. half the time you can buy the sample dress for half, if not more, than the retail price!


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