Sunday, March 7, 2010

my tuh-do.

I suppose it would be smart to make a to-do list of what I want to make and create; get it all down in one place and then mark off as I go. Some will be projects I want to make, others are just thinks I need to do around the house. Some boring, some fun. The thing we call life ;)

1. Homework -> study/paper(s)/online quizzes.

2. Doodle origami (pictures up)

3. Vacuum. Clean... in general.

4. Bake Matt's cake (yummm!)

5. Try to find bundt pans and candy thermometer (um.. would Wal-Mart have a candy thermometer?) for Chocolate Covered Coffee Toffee... not the bundt pan, of course, just the thermometer! :)

6. Organize Avon paperwork and what not

7. Clean craft room (AKA spare bedroom)

8. Contact iTeach about my questions for teaching certificate

9. Toys for a special someone (it's a surprise!)

10. Reusable lunch bag set for a couple of people.

11. Reusable snack bags for meeeee.

12. Easter gifts? Look up what to make for a 9 year old. Suggestions are welcome.

13. Photoshop goodies for my blog.

14. Wrap Matt's gift

15. Make almond milk... maybe?

16. Bake something in the midst of all this. <33

17. Smile and be happy.

There we go. I think that covers it. Hopefully I'll get all these things done soon. *whew* There's my attempt at organization.

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