Sunday, March 28, 2010

Random ramble.

Have you ever read the fine print that they show for like .7 of a second during a commercial? Like for mascara... they'll let you know lash inserts were added to add thickness/fullness and then they go on and talk about (in their commercial) how this certain mascara adds thickness? Um.. no. The inserts did. But thanks!

My favorite channel, Lifetime, is showing informercials. Is it too early or something for regular TV? It's .. oh.. NINE AM, not like 4 AM.

I feel like my homework or "things to do" will never ever.. EVER.. end. I'm only taking two classes this semester (that's all I needed to graduate May 15th!) and in those two classes alone, I almost want to pull my hair out.Not just a few strands... ALL of it. Online quizzes, discussion questions that include reading long chapters, essay questions, case studies.. *sigh* Then there's things like graduation invitiations, my departmental exit exam (yes, I have to take an exam to graduate), cap and gown, etc. THEN there's work.. which really isn't that stressful.. but I wonder about what to do for Easter, what crafts, what games, having an Easter egg hunt... Then there's what to do after I graduate. So far I know I'm getting my teaching certificate. Then what? Then I have two years to teach for a year to pay back my dues. Do I stay here? I don't want to. Do I move? Where? What do I do in the mean time? Look for jobs elsewhere? What pay would be high enough to get up and move? What am I willing to settle for job wise until I teach?

These are things I think about or do on a daily basis. Matt got me a lovely full day at the Spa for Valentine's Day that's good for a year. I should use that ASAP.

Thanks for reading. Hope I didn't stress you out just by reading ;)

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  1. Girl you sound like me. Yuck I remember all those graduation stresses - it was just last year I had to mess with all of that. I hope your spa day helps ease your mind a little!


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