Monday, March 22, 2010

Top 2 things I can't live WITHOUT

Top 2 Tuesday -- things I can't live without!

Undomesticated Momma's Top 2's are so fun! Go on over and check out what others answered.
Here is what I pick:

My laptop. I cannot live without this thing. I keep all my pictures on my computer, my contact with friends and family via email/facebook, my beautiful BLOG, and not to mention my "Favorites" is just chalk full of things I want to make or do.

The other thing would be.. chocolate. Dark chocolate to be specific, but trust me, I won't complain if I have milk or white chocolate in my hot little hand. Ohh and I usually *crave* dark chocolate, if you catch my drift. No particular brand/type though, but I do enjoy ferror rocher, lindt, ghirardelli, just to name a few. Not only do I devour chocolate by itself, but it's practically a staple in my baking! I cannot live without chocolate. No way. No how.

.... All this talk about chocolate makes me want some! Thank goodness for the lovely bar of German Milka sitting beside me.

A couple of things I would have posted would be my day planner, my cell phone, photographs, LOVE, but you know, I figured you'd rather hear about chocolate and get your mouth droolin'!

Hope y'all have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. yum! now I need a piece of chocolate. good choices!!

  2. Chocolate was one of my runner ups!! I am such a chocoholic!!!

  3. Oh I LOVE both! I eat dark chocolate every night before bed!

  4. LOVE the chocolate choice, for sure!

  5. Great picks! I love my laptop and I LLLOOOVVVEEE chocolate! Thanks for sharing! Happy Tuesday!

  6. Thanks everyone! It's funny because I literally *JUST* finished my bar of German chocolate (Milka)! :) Yum!

  7. Thanks for sending me the top 2 ideas! I will add them to the list and link them back to you when I use them!


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