Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter cupcakes

No school tomorrow = early Easter celebration!!! Yee haw! We not only had these fabulous "funfetti" cupcakes, but the children also had a chance to partake in an Easter egg hunt. Bundles o' fun.

I made these cutey patooty cupcakes, courtesy of Bakerella (read her post here).
They turned out great, and I am very happy with the result. Did the kiddos like them? I wouldn't know. They were too busy stuffing their faces to tell me. They looked at the cupcake for a nanosecond, said "ooh cool!" then devoured 'em. I think that's a good thing ;)

Here's the cupcake cluster. The bottom cakies (that's not a typo, I wanted to call them cakies) don't have the sour straw because they'd get smushed, as you can tell.

None of these guys got a photoshoot like my other baked goodies. Time was not on my side when I remembered I should take a picture or two of my latest creation.

Enjoy! I hope everyone has a happy Easter!

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