Sunday, April 18, 2010

getting to know you

It's Sundayyyyy! I got most of my homework done yesterday, so that means I can chillax today. And of course, answer these questions from MannLand5! Check it out :)

1. Mens chests..hairy or hairless?
Hairy. Bahahah!
If a man has zero hair on his chest, it's like he hasn't gone through puberty! I also don't want a wooly mammoth. Matt's hair is juuuust right :)

2. How often do you run red lights?
I'm that person that you yell at because they stop when the light is still yellow, but in my defense, it's ABOUT to turn red. Hahah!
I'd A)rather NOT get in a wreck (You're welcome for saving your life!) and B)I get angry and yell at people who do run red lights that make me have to wait a little longer when the light already turned green for me. Make sense?

3. If you could raid any celebrity's closet..whose would you raid?
This doesn't say "one" anywhere, suh-weeeet!
Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlet Johansson.
I'll keep it to three ;)

4. Would you rather have more followers/friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your Blog?
I don't use Twitter. I think it'd be way cool if I had more followers on my blog than friends on Facebook!

5. What makes you feel sexy?
Feeling skinny! Good hair day. Pretty makeup. Flattering clothes.

6. I get excited when...........?
Oh man, are you kidding me!?

I get excited..
when Matt comes home, when we plan a trip together, seeing my family, when I make good grades, when I find forgotten money in my pockets, when I'm organized, receiving snail mail, baking something that turns out great, clean house and laundry, trying new coffee creamers, not paying as much as I thought I would when I go shopping, finding bargains, a good song comes on, good hair days, I get to buy movies from Hastings, finishing a craft project...

The list goes on and on!

7. Are you the "outdoorsy" type or more "indoorsy"?
Indoorsy. No doubt about it.
I'd LIKE to be more outdoorsy, and sometimes I have to be for work, like summer camps, but if I have a choice... the AC wins. It can get HOTT here in Texas.
Now, with that said, I would like to go camping and what not just because I never have. I don't know how to swim, so that prevents me from being a "lake girl" and what not. But I plan on taking more picnics, maybe hiking, etc.

8. Would you rather have your dream home or a million dollars?
A million dollars. Well.. does this dream home include furniture? ;) Kidding. I'd still want the money. Because then I could use it on whatever I wanted, save it, buy a new home, pay bills, etc.


  1. Finding forgotten money in your pockets is the best! I always promptly spend it, lol.

  2. Cute answers! I love your answers about getting excited. Reese Witherspoon was my choice too.

  3. Haha I like your reasoning behind not running red lights! Very true.


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