Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cupcakes in jars?!

cupcakes. in. a.... jar!

Adorable, huh? I didn't make only one jar...

But three. Count 'em. Uno, dos, tres.
Who were the lucky receivers??
My friend Emily (who also received my better than brownie cookies), and I sent two to my friend Jaquelyn.

These babies were made from scratch using this recipe for the cupcake, and that recipe for the vanilla buttercream frosting.

Mmmmm! Don't they look absolutely delectable?
I can't forget to thank Joy's Hope for the idea!! Too cute.

All I did was put one cupcake (bottom down), then piped the frosting, then another cupcake, then more frosting! Then I used scrapbook paper for the lid as well as inking the edges, and finished off with a pretty red bow.

Better wipe that drool..
or better yet. Better go to the store to buy the ingredients to make cupcakes!

What uhh..
Wh-what... happened there?
Oh yeah. The dog did it.

Have a great day! Hope y'all didn't get pranked *too* much today!

PS- I don't own a dog.


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