Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random ramble

.. Yes, more random ramble.

My previous post may have revealed my slight stress/anxiety I am going through these days..

I've made a long checklist so I can physically see what needs to be done. Whether that's better or worse.. who knows, but I have a darn good time scratching things out! It basically just includes graduation invitations, the online teacher certification, a teacher job fair, letters of recommendation, etc...

I've noticed that sugar and wine helps. :)

What do y'all do when stressed? What are you stressed about??

This past weekend I went to the Poteet Strawberry Festival! Unfortunately, no pictures were taken because were too busy walking around, shopping, eating, and so on and so forth. I had a yummy strawberry margarita, wine cooler, cheesecake, turkey leg, and plenty of samples of jam! :) I came home with home made flavored pasta and raspberry jam. Mmm mmm! It tastes delicious on my home made bread. I think I also gained a few pounds, but it was well worth it.

Have a good one!

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  1. I shut down when I'm stressed. I have this stubborness that I can do it all on my own and basically shut myself off from anyone else, it's a terrible habit that I need to break, but oh so tough!


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