Wednesday, April 28, 2010



it's been a while since I've posted!

I want y'all to know that I have not forgotten <333

I graduate May 15th (eep!) so I've been preparing for that. Professors decide to give enough busy work to keep me busy. Work is work.

Stress is stress.

I am happy to inform you all that I will be getting a teaching certification, hopefully by the end of this summer. Hopefully a Generalist grades 4-8.

As for now, I am staying in San Angelo until I find a job teaching elsewhere. No sense in moving, then finding a job some place else and having to move again. Makes sense, no?

On the positive side..
ya know, besides from graduating...
  • I got a beautiful pedicure!
  • I saw How to Train Your Dragon in 3D (super cute!)
  • Matt surprised me with beautiful flowers and even brought a raspberry sno-cone to me at work.
  • I saw my almost nephew (Cayden) who is such a happy 1 year old.
  • I passed my Psychology Exit Exam! You must pass to graduate.
  • My sister is ENGAGED!!
  • Bought Avatar. <3
  • I have my graduation dress.
  • I get to go jean shopping.
  • Had a pizza party today at work.
  • Finished my book, Good in Bed.
  • And I am ALMOST DONE with a very special package for a very special someone. I'll post pictures once they've received.

Hope everyone is having a great day and week so far. Always remember to appreciate the little things no matter what lemons life decides to throw at you.

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  1. So many exciting things goin on! Congrats!

    (PS I love little mans wifebeater & temp tattoo! HA!)


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