Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Five Time!

Five things that have made me...






or all of the above..
Easy peasy lemon squeezy! (I actually said that today at work)
1. The pictures from last weekend's BBQ. In the picture below from L to R is Matt's dad/Cayden's grandpa (Lester), then Cayden who has temporary tats, and my love Matt. Cayden has this thing with sniffing, and it so funny! So that's what they're doing in the picture. Plus, it's just an overall funny photo what with them all matching. I keep going through my facebook photos as well as the ones saved on my computer.

2. School is almost over. Granted I am scared/nervous/much more, but I am also excited. I'm excited and proud of myself for successfully completing college. I'll graduate with honors. My momma would be proud!

3. I've been working on Mother's Day things for/with the kiddos at work. I have already taken photos, and it makes me happy that I am getting things done ahead of schedule.
Oh, I need help. I took a picture of them smiling as well as making funny/silly/ugly faces. I want to use the sentence "A face only a mother could love" with the funny face, but I need ideas? I don't really want to put it with the smiling picture because I'd like that to be with a painted hand print. Help!

4. Matt asked if I wanted to go to Fredericksburg the weekend after I graduate! Yipee!! My favorite little town in Texas. We went this winter and had a horse drawn carriage ride :) Plus I get to go shopping and consume large amounts of home made chocolate!!!

5. I was very productive today. Lots has now been checked off my "to do" - yay me! It's a great feeling to feel accomplished.

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