Friday, April 9, 2010


I hope everybody had a fantastic Easter!!

Here are some photos of what mine looked like.

We hit a Spongebob pinata. Don't ask me why it's Spongebob and not something more Easter-y.. because I have no clue. I didn't ask questions though, I was just happy to let out some frustration! ;)

Confetti eggs.
This is my middle sister, Victoria, in the brown dress, being attacked by my father. Behind her is yours truly, being attacked as well.

And here's the "after." My dad blowin' out the confetti. What a nice father... and let me tell you how great my hair smelled. They should bottle that smell up and use it for shampoo.

And we can't forget the best part...
My home made marshmallows. This is my attempt at making them look like Peeps.

I used Alton Brown's Marshmallows. I didn't have a candy thermometer because A)I was at my dad's house and B)My last attempt ended in the toffee burning. They came out wonderful! For the bunnies, I used a little leftover flour and cornstarch so they wouldn't be sticky. For the eggs, I dabbed a damp paper towel on wherever I wanted the sugar to stick. Afterwards I piped chocolate eyes and egg decorations on 'em!


I left these for my family, and I stuck to eating the leftover marshmallows parts.

Fairly simple recipe. Be sure you have a standing mixer, not a handheld.

Have a good one!

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